Sandwich Infant School

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Reception classes - Butterfly and Snails

Transition into school
Transition starts in the months leading up to your child starting school, through contact and visits to nurseries, meetings with parents and stay and play sessions. As our children have varied experiences of nursery, we stagger our start to introduce them to the new environment and faces within the setting with half day sessions before the children start full time. We aim to take the needs of all children into consideration when supporting them to settle into school and for some, this may require a bespoke plan with a reduced timetable until they are five.

The curriculum
At Sandwich Infant School, we aim to ensure that each child has a happy and positive start to their school life in which they can build a foundation for a love of learning. We strive to enable children to learn and develop well and that they are kept healthy and safe. We promote teaching and learning to ensure children’s readiness for the next stage of their education, and give children a broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for good future progress through school and life.

At Sandwich Infant School we follow Development Matters and use this as a tool to guide our practice. We take a whole child approach, enabling children to explore their interest, learn through play, and develop as individuals. we greatly value the importance of the early years foundation stage (EYFS) in providing a secure foundation for future learning and development.  

As well as child-initiated play, all children will be taught phonics from their second day of school, and will have short teacher directed sessions that will support their learning. The expected rules and routines, as well as social norms will be taught from the outset to ensure they are in an environment appropriate to learn and flourish.