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Our aim with the Geography curriculum is for pupils to accumulate knowledge as they progress through their time at Sandwich Infant School. For example, in EYFS, children learn basic geographical concepts, knowledge, vocabulary and skills through learning about what maps are used for. This then allows them to make meaningful comparisons when using maps to look into details about the surrounding area in Year 2 and carry out fieldwork.

Children’s knowledge is fed by the development of locational knowledge, geographical skills and an understanding of human and physical processes.

Our Geography curriculum assures full National Curriculum (England) coverage, and covers core skills, knowledge and key vocabulary.

Within the school classrooms, learning is supported by key resources: atlases, globes, large wall maps, Ipads, interactive white boards and appropriate texts.

Pupil’s voice:

“I enjoyed Geography when we were learning about the different oceans”.

“I enjoyed learning about the continents in Geography and the different animals that live around the world”.

“ I know that human geography is things that are man made.”

Curriculum Overview

Assessment Core Questions

Year 1

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Year 2

Year 2 - Term 1 Lesson Sequencing

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