Sandwich Infant School

Where everyone is valued and learning is fun

Sandwich Infant school encourages all children to engage and enjoy their PE lessons, through encouraging good sportsmanship, teamwork, respect and determination. We deliver high quality teaching and a rich curriculum to achieve a school of healthy, happy children.

Our school offers regular PE lessons, as well as active methods of learning throughout the school curriculum, which are delivered to help build confidence, determination and curiosity in providing a broad range of physical activities for every pupil. 
Our lessons are designed to progress from year to year, building on previously learnt skills and moving ability and understanding forward at every stage.
We hope that the children are Sandwich Infant school will, through the joy of PE, develop the ability and confidence to remain physically active in the future and that their personal and social development will have positive implications for their lifelong learning.


PE policy 

PE progression grid (Yearly)