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Religious Education is a legal entitlement for every child. It's place in the curriculum is an acknowledgement of the fact that religious beliefs and practices play an important part in the lives of many people worldwide, and have done so throughout history.

Religious Education in our school enables every child to flourish and to live life in all its fullness. It helps educate children to learn to respect each other and encourages an understanding of other religious traditions and for the religious freedom of each person.

Sandwich Infant School follows the Kent Agreed Syllabus which means pupils are taught knowledge, skills and understanding through learning about Christians, Muslims and Jewish people.

Pupils are encouraged to make links through discussion, speaking and listening and drama by acting out stories. Children’s views are also expressed through art work and discussions where their thoughts and perspective are recorded into a floor book. Children explore big questions to find out what people believe and about how they live, so that they can reflect upon their own ideas and ways of living. Children are given opportunities to view artefacts and different materials to help engage their learning.  Children are taught in a way that is relevant to their age and development. Please see our RE curriculum plans to see the focus question for teaching each term.

It is our intention to provide a loving, safe and nurturing environment through which all pupils can grow and develop spiritually, emotionally, physically, creatively and intellectually. We celebrate and treasure every member of our school community and the variety of faith and non-faith backgrounds that make up our school community. We endeavor to be totally inclusive and enable everyone to grow together happily.


RE policy 

RE progression grid (Yearly)

RE progression grid (Termly)