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What do I do if my child is ill?  How long before my child can return to school after an illness?

Please telephone the school office on the first morning giving details of the child’s illness and then keep the school informed every couple of days.  With certain illnesses guidance will be given of how long your child should be absent.  Young children are particularly prone to sickness and diarrhoea so we ask that you wait 48 hours after the last episode.

What do I do if I need to collect my child during school hours for an appointment?

Please inform the class teacher and the school office beforehand either telephone (01304 612228) or email (  At the time of the appointment the office must be notified that you are taking your child off the school premises and they must also be notified if you return to school after the appointment.  If you are taking your child to an appointment before arriving at school please let us know beforehand, especially if your child has school dinners.

Can I take my child out of school during term time?

This is strongly discouraged as children can quickly lose their confidence in a subject if they have missed a chunk of work.  If you believe there are exceptional circumstances then you should apply to the headteacher and governors to take your child out of school using the form available from the office.  You will then be informed whether or not the leave has been granted.  If you choose to take your child out of school despite it being turned down then it will be recorded as unauthorised and you may receive a visit from the Educational Welfare Officer or a Fixed Penalty Notice from the local authority if it is more than 5 days.

What do I do if my child is prescribed medication?

The school holds emergency medication such as inhalers and epipens for a number of children.  If your child has been prescribed other medicine we will administer it if it has to be taken four times a day.  Any medication should be brought to the school office by prior arrangement in the original packaging and a form filled in giving clear details of dosage.  Please ring the office staff if you have any other queries.

Can I help in school or on school trips?

We welcome parents’ support in school but unfortunately younger siblings cannot accompany parents when helping in school or on trips.  If you would like to support us on a regular basis then the school will have to carry out a DBS police check.  You are also able to support the school by volunteering as a Parent Representative or attending meetings for the Friends of Sandwich Infant School.

Will a sibling automatically receive a place if I move house?

We follow the KCC guidelines which grant priority to siblings of current pupils over those living nearer to the school.

Can I park in the school car park?

With the exception of dropping off or collecting from Fun Club, there are no facilities for parents to park in the school car park unless the person driving the child to school has a blue disability badge.  If you have a blue disability badge and need to use the school car park, please contact the school office.  Parents dropping off for breakfast club must vacate the car park by 8:20am.  There are parking facilities at Gazen Salts car park and the Co-op car park.  At Gazen Salts, parents will not be charged for parking from 15 minutes before to 15 minutes after the school drop off and pick up times. If using the Co-op car park, a one hour free parking ticket must be obtained and displayed to be visible through your car windscreen.  We strongly discourage parents parking in the narrow streets around the school as it greatly inconveniences the other parents walking to school.  It is an offence to park directly outside the school at the beginning and end of the school day.

Do the school provide hot meals?

School dinners are provided by Whole School Meals and are cooked at Sandwich Junior School before being transported to us and kept in a heated cabinet.

Can my child change between hot and cold meals?

This is possible but can cause confusion for the youngest children.  Make sure that you remind your child that they are having a school dinner in the morning as they sometimes forget to put up their hand for a hot meal.  Many parents choose particular days when their child has a hot meal which are the same each week.  

Can I put fruit juice in my child’s packed lunch?

We prefer that children have fruit juice or water in their packed lunch. We do not allow fizzy drinks or sweets.  We encourage healthy lunch boxes and although children would not be allowed to go hungry, they would be asked not to bring in fizzy drinks or sweets again.

Where can I buy school uniform?

The school stocks sweatshirts, cardigans, P.E. T-shirts, coats, caps, water bottles, book bags and P.E. bags.  None of these are compulsory although we expect children to wear a red sweatshirt or cardigan and P.E. T-shirt if you do not want to buy one with the school logo.  The rest of the uniform can be purchased elsewhere and consists of grey trousers, skirt or pinafore, white polo shirt, red gingham summer dress, black shorts for P.E. and black plimsolls.  

Can I request a paper copy of all the information on the website?

You can contact the school office for a copy of the information found on our site free of charge.