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Who Coordinates the SEN provision at Sandwich Infant School?

A Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO) co-ordinates and monitors the SEN provision in the school.

The SENCO at Sandwich Infant School is Mrs Grace Fry. She is a qualified teacher and will be working towards achieving her National Award for SEN Co-ordination. Miss Leanne Bennett will be supporting Grace in the role until she has gained this. Leanne is a qualified teacher and took up the post of SENCO in September 2017. She gained the National Award for SEN coordination in 2014.

Grace can be contacted on 01304 613358 or Her working day for SEN responsibilities is a Friday. 

Teaching staff monitor the progress of all children very carefully, and if it is considered that a child needs additional support, support is put into place.  Parents are consulted and kept informed at all times.  If concerns continue then other appropriate support agencies and are consulted.


KCC local offer

A local offer gives children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities and their families information about what support services are available in their area.

KCC have spoken with children, young people and their families to find out what support and services they need. More information on the local offer can be accessed here: .

KCC Mainstream Core Standards

The KCC Mainstream Core Standards are the Provision that the local area expects to be made available for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities attending mainstream schools.  

Any provision or support should be provided in line with the needs of the child or young person and is not dependent on any formal medical diagnosis or educational determination.

Within school, we refer to these within our daily practice to ensure that all children are given the best opportunities to be well-supported within school. Each area of need (C+I, C+L, SEMH, P+S) details expectations and strategies that should be embedded.  

Mainstream Core Standards

Parent Guide

Early Help

As a school, we are aware that Early Help can be beneficial to both the child and their families. There are a number of children that may benefit from Early Help, and all colleagues are well-prepared to identify those children that may require this support.

Within our school, we can offer:

•    Early intervention and catch-up/ keep-up support for academic subjects;
•    Support with social struggles through Lego Therapy, Social Groups and games;
•    Emotional regulation support through emotional check-in and outs, drawing and talking, day-to-day interactions and opportunities to talk;
•    Communication support through barrier games, active listening, speech and language link interventions.

There are a number of referrals that we can make to external agencies or have professional discussions, including:

•    Early Help
•    Social Services
•    Occupational Therapy
•    NELFT for ADHD/ mental health support
•    Paediatrician for sleep support, behaviour and ASD referrals
•    School Nurse
•    LIFT discussions
•    STLS Clinics
•    Speech and Language

There are also many local support groups and offers available to parents:

STLS Parent Clinics - C+I/ C+L

STLS Parent Clinics - SEMH

Dover Story Walk - October 2023

First Aid for Families - November 2023

Behaviour Sessions - September 2023 

Emotionally Based School Avoidance - Support Pathway

SEN Policy

SEN Information Report 2024